wolverine adamantium rage cover


struggled a lot with the 16-bit section of Wolverine’s gameography. After many valiant efforts, I failed miserably in trying to finish either of these terrible, terrible games from publisher LJN. As opposed to revealing in my failure, I decided it would be fun to pit Wolverine Adamantium Rage by BITS Studios for the SNES against Wolverine Adamantium Rage by Teeny Weeny Games for the Sega Genesis to see who would take the crown of less awful. So, let’s begin, FIGHT!:


Both versions of Adamantium Rage have a time limit, but the Sega Genesis version is way more stricter than the SNES Version. There is a meter that is always slowly moving its way to the right and when it does you die. In the SNES game, there is no visible time meter on screen and in fact I didn’t realize that there WAS a time limit until I put down my controller for way too long trying to regain my health in an annoying section in the third area and was chased by Elsie-Dee.

POINT: SNES. I died way more often in the Sega Genesis version from the time limit.

wolverine adamantium rage snes ss


The two games suffer from incredibly stiff and unintuitive controls. In the case of the SNES version, every button on the controller has a function to the point that it’s difficult to decipher what the buttons do in the option screen. The Sega Genesis versions is a bit more streamlined due to the three buttons: you can punch, kick and jump but you also have can perform more advanced moves with fighting game-esque rolling motions. Jumping and platforming is a lot more difficult in the Sega Genesis version.

POINT: TIE. both are bad and one does not have any benefits over the other.


Levels in the SNES version of Adamantium Rage are maze like environments where the goal is to kill an arbitrary number of enemies on screen before it will let you proceed. Often you’ll encounter enemies that duplicate, whether it’s a drone coming out of a machine or mercs in a helicopter, that you can’t spam attack until the counter lets you move on. The Sega Genesis version is a more linear affair where you have to make it to the end of a level by platforming, combat and switch throwing.

POINT: SEGA GENESIS. This version benefits from more traditional, standard level design than enemy hunting.

wolverine adamantium rage genesis ss


These are some very challenging games, and not in a MegaMan 2 I can beat it with practice challenge. I couldn’t even make it past the first area in the Genesis game on easy where you’re given seven lives. I fared a little bit better in the SNES game, as you’re not smothered by the time limit so much. Still, by level two I was getting beaten down by the three formed boss over and over. There is one life and no continues in the SNES game but you can pick up from where you die with a password that are given up fairly frequently.

POINT: SNES. Though I hear the Genesis game is better overall, I couldn’t see enough of it to know.


SNES: Incredibly cheesy but awesome music:

SEGA GENESIS: Music is pretty good, given the systems limited music capacity:

POINT: TIE. Both are good in their own way.

WINNER: NOT THE PLAYER THAT’S FOR SURE!!!. But, the winner of this fight of awfulness goes to the SNES version of Wolverine Adamantium Rage. The only way for me to see anything past the first level of the Genesis game is with the use of a password unearthed online, and if a player can’t beat level one, you’re game has failed right from the start.



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