Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, the, pun intended, acclaimed first-person shooter from the N64 era was brought back from extinction thanks to the efforts of Nightdive Studios. The remaster of the 1997 classic  first showed up on PC, followed by ports to the Xbox One in 2018 and the Nintendo Switch last year where it was greeted with a wonderful physical edition thanks to Limited Run Games. The only console to date that Turok’s debut outing hasn’t landed on is Sony’s PlayStation 4, and it looks like that could be changing soon. Over on twitter, Wario 64 posted a listing of trophies for Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, suggesting it’s finally on it’s way to the PlayStation 4.

This was more or less backed up by Stephen Kick from Nightdive Studios who replied simply with “ah beans” from his own twitter account.

For whatever reason, Nightdive’s work has remained off of the PlayStation ecosystem over the years but that’s been changing recently. Earlier this year a port of Doom 64 from Nightdive came to the PlayStation 4, and next year a remaster of Shadow Man is on the way too. Though it’s disappointing that Kick and his team at Nightdive didn’t get to reveal Turok for the PS4 on their own terms, it’s nonetheless exciting that PlayStation fans can finally play it on their console of choice.

In my review for the Nintendo Switch game last year I wrote: “Turok was a beloved game on the Nintendo 64, especially for early adopters of the console, and thanks to Nightdive Studios it’s now better than ever.”

via Wario 64 twitter


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