Nintendo just put off their first Direct in quite some time, and snuggled in nicely among announcements regarding big properties like Zelda, Splatoon and Animal Crossing was a cute and unexpected super heroine game.

Based on the animated series which has crossed over into toys and other media, DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power allows players to control the likes of Batgirl, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Supergirl as they fight crime while attending Metropolis High School. Teen Power won’t dazzle those who are obsessed with the latest in graphical fidelity, but it has a charming art style that’s honestly quite refreshing when paired against the latest realistic looking superhero games.

From the trailer, Teen Power appears to mix simple brawling mechanics with the ability to shop for new outfits and take photos. While this isn’t the big female led comic book game we’re all waiting for – Wonder Woman is still without her own solo game after all – it’s refreshing to see a game made up of an all female heroines, especially considering as there are only three other DC games released to date that don’t have a male lead. Two of these are based on 2004’s Catwoman ,while the other is a solo outing for the same character that was exclusive to the Game Boy Color.

via Nintendo YouTube

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power is available June 4th on Nintendo Switch.

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