The recently uploaded February War Table video for Marvel’s Avengers not only provided the date for when Hawkeye is coming to the live-service game, but also the release of the next-generation version. The two, coincidentally, happen to share the same day.

On March 18th, the next-generation update for Marvel’s Avengers comes to both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X. For those already in possession of the game on PS4 and the Xbox One, you can download a patch which will upgrade your existing game, free of charge.

That date is also when Operation: Hawkeye – Future Imperfect comes to Marvel’s Avengers. Like the last operation, which added Kate Bishop, this will bring in yet another new (ish) character to the title’s roster: Hawkeye. Like Kate before him, Clint “Hawkeye” Barton’s abilities will revolve around the use of trick arrows. For example, Hawkeye can use a grappling hook arrow both for traversal and combat, and a helpful recovery arrow will presumably make him an invaluable hero. Clint rounds out his extensive arsenal with tripwire, rocket, and boomerang arrows among others. When up close, Hawkeye can deal out damage with a sword, referencing his days as another alter ego he went under: Ronin.

Hawkeye’s Operation takes inspiration from many comic stories. The obvious being Future Imperfect, a story set in a wasteland ruled by the Maestro, a Hulk from an alternate future where he’s the last remaining super powered being. The wasteland itself will become a new area for Marvel’s Avengers. It will also draw upon Old Man Hawkeye with Clint even running into his older self in the wasteland. Finally, Clint will have to defend his apartment in a section inspired by the popular run on the character from writer Matt Fraction and artist David Aja. Lucky, AKA Pizza Dog, will also join Clint.

via Marvel’s Avengers YouTube

Marvel’s Avengers is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC.

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