In a world of delays, be a Gotham Knights.

The past few years have been hard for, well, just about everyone, but the video game industry has certainly undergone some growing pains. As hard-working, and frequently under appreciated, game developers continuously adapt to remote offices, the flood of big budget AAA games that normally happens around the end of the year doesn’t seem as packed in 2022. At a time when a seemingly impossible task has gotten even harder, it’s nice to report that players are going to get their hands on Gotham Knights a little sooner than expected.

During the kick off for this year’s Gamescom, a new trailer was shown off for the highly anticipated Bat Family title which spotlights some of the villains that Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood will be going up against. The Court of Owls are set to be the catalyst for the game’s plot, and joining them are the likes of Mr. Freeze – who was in early promotional material – Clayface and Harley Quinn sans Joker.

A pleasant surprise is revealed at the end of the new footage where an updated launch date is dropped: October 21st. This is four days earlier than the game’s original release of October 25th. That’s bad news for those who booked time off of work to enjoy it without interruption, but, for those who are going to be missing Marvel’s Midnight Suns which was originally supposed to drop close to Gotham Knights, it’s great to have a AAA comic book game help to close the new Marvel sized gap in October’s release schedule.

via Gotham Knights YouTube

Gotham Knights arrives October 21st on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X and PC.


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