Hot off of the War for Wakanda expansion, Crystal Dynamics is not letting the momentum it has built up for Marvel’s Avengers in the past few months to slow down. Today, they revealed their Winter roadmap for their ongoing title, highlighting what players can expect before the end of the year.

The headline grabbing news, of course, is that they’re further committing to Spider-Man’s arrival before 2022. Leading up to War for Wakanda, Senior Designer Scott Walters confirmed as much already, but now it appears to be set in stone. With a new Spider-Man film – hopefully – coming in December, it wouldn’t be surprising if the web-slinger arrives around that time.

via Sony Pictures Entertainment YouTube

Sadly, Spider-Man will only come to the PlayStation family of consoles, but there’s additional content coming for all. Marvel’s Avengers’ first raid will pit the heroes assembled thus far against Klaw, who, like Black Panther, made his debut in War for Wakanda. He’ll be accompanied by a new enemy type, called “Echoes”, and if you’re having trouble against either, Crystal Dynamics is also promising to increase the game’s level cap.

Events held earlier this year, like the Red Room Takeoever, will see a return, alongside brand new cosmetic items and a reworked upgrade system for both gear as well as upgrades. Shortly after its launch last September, it wouldn’t have surprised anyone if Square Enix decided to cut their losses on Marvel’s Avengers, but now they’re not only planning for the remainder of this year, but also 2022.

via Marvel Entertainment YouTube

Marvel’s Avengers is available now on the PlayStation and Xbox family of consoles, Google Stadia and PC.


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