McFarlane Toys began life as a way for its owner, Todd McFarlane, to create action figures based on his own creations, namely Spawn. Over the decades though, the company has been become renowned both for the quality of their products and the breadth of their licenses. From comics, to horror, video games and musicians, there’s very little that McFarlane toys hasn’t taken and molded in plastic.

Over the last few years, McFarlane Toys has acquired the DC Comics license where they’ve crafted action figures inspired by the publishers iconic characters as they’ve appeared in comics, animation, live-action films and of course, video games. McFarlane has already adapted the Arkham series and Injustice 2 for its DC Multiverse line, and they’re looking to expand that even further with the upcoming Gotham Knights.

Spotted on the McFarlane Toys Instagram account is a photo featuring the four leads: Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl and Red Hood in toy form with a description stating to stay tuned. As Gotham Knights itself doesn’t have a firm release date yet, it’s tough to say exactly when its promotional products will being to role out. Based on the teaser image though, these look to be 4 figures worth adding to your shelf when they hit online retailers, specialty stores and comic book shops.

via Warner Bros. Games YouTube

Gotham Knights will arrive in 2022 for the PlayStation and Xbox family of consoles as well as PC.


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