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Yes, THAT Acclaim. However, it may not be what you think, or if you picked up on the hint in the last part of my Game of the Year feature, then yes, it’s exactly what you think.

In 2015 I’m going to be reviewing all of the Acclaim comic book games, but not the ones they merely licensed from other people or under the LJN banner. The properties I’ll be looking at are the ones they purchased themselves to be used in comics, video games, and other multi-media endeavors, namely Turok, Armorines and Shadow Man. This is a feature that will be ongoing through the year where each month I’ll review 1-2 games that were published by Acclaim, with the exception of one. Here’s what I’ve got in store for this event:

JANUARY: TUROK: DINOSAUR HUNTER (N64): The game that started it all and saved the company, albeit for a little while, from going under.

FEBRUARY: TUROK 2: SEEDS OF EVIL (N64): The sequel to the original Turok that introduced multiplayer and expansion pack support.

MARCH: TUROK: RAGE WARS (N64): Acclaim’s answer to Unreal and Quake on consoles in the Turok universe.

APRIL: TUROK 3: SHADOW OF OBLIVION (N64): Turok’s final outing that was exclusive to a Nintendo console.

MAY: TUROK: EVOLUTION (PS2): The publishers first time experimenting with Turok on something other than a Nintendo console. Evolution was meant to turn Acclaim’s fortunes around like the original before it and sees the return of Tal’Set. Needless to say things didn’t work out, however it did feature a cybernetic Texan riding a T-Rex!

JUNE: ARMORINES: PROJECT: S.W.A.R.M (N64): The old Acclaim would’ve fought to make a Starship Troopers game; Late 90’s Acclaim would use one of their in-house franchises that just happens to be more or less the same.

JULY: ARMORINES: PROJECT: S.W.A.R.M (GBC): My first of many portable Acclaim game reviews that will continue the next month with…

AUGUST: TUROK BATTLE OF THE BIONOSAURS (GAME BOY)/TUROK 2: SEEDS OF EVIL (GBC): Where there’s a successful console game, there’s an inevitable portable game and a follow-up to meet the launch of the first ever Nintendo portable to feature color.

SEPTEMBER: TUROK: RAGE WARS (GBC)/TUROK 3: SHADOW OF OBLIVION: Turok’s final outings on the dying Game Boy Color.

OCTOBER: SHADOW MAN (N64)/SHADOW MAN: 2ECOND COMING: Just in time for Halloween, the second Acclaim adapted property to receive a sequel and no handheld games.

NOVEMBER: TUROK: EVOLUTION (GBA): I really wish I could have slotted this in sooner but it’s just how I decided to plan out the event. To tide you over until then: Turok + Contra/Metal Slug = AWESOME!!!.

DECEMBER: TUROK (2008) (XBOX 360): While not published by Acclaim, this would mark the last time that any of the properties they previously owned would be turned into a video game, and boy, is it a radical departure.

There you have it everybody, my first ever year-long project. Though it does seem a little sparse with only 1-2 games a month, I’m factoring in things like work commitments, new games like Batman: Arkham Knight in the summer, games that have yet to be announced and other things that I have in store for everyone throughout the year. Expect the first review to go up very, very soon and keep checking the Facebook page as well as my own Twitter feed for when to expect the others.

Blair Farrell, content author/owner of Comic Gamers Assemble


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